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but not nebraska i what south dakota all week. >> : another day another round of storms hitting part of the vest midwest for the third consecutive day for a touchdown this one in south central north dakota. as tornado left field of debris around damaged buildings. some people trapped after hollis is torn apart. family in the sauce hit from the storm in the basement. they could hear tornado above them >> : it was loud the wind kept going during last and hearing things that were hit in the house. it is allowed whirling noises. so luckily no one was injured >> : from the info at my family it through this. officials say 11 homes three businesses in westhampton springs damage government meant mobilize one of the soldiers from more the current national guard do publicly up meanwhile and abreast of far from over after town of 350 people hit by rare to and tornadoes on monday. three-quarters of that town is now gone. >> : and, as you walk through it's unbelievable >> : and where tornadoes have not struck it's a total mess and made a lot of cleanup. the storms have flooded parts of the i what and south d
from nebraska seek recognition? the clerk will report the amendment. e clerk: the chair: the clerk will report the amendment. the clerk: amendment offered by mr. fortenberry of nebraska. at the end of the bill, before the short title, insert the following, section, none of the funds made available in this act may be used to provide weapons in syria. the chair: pursuant tos who resolution 62, the gentleman from nebraska, and a member opposed each will control five minutes. the gentleman from nebraska is recognized. mr. fortenberry: thank you, madam chair. i believe this amendment is absolutely consistent with the underlying portions of the bill that reaffirm that the policy of the united states should be that we will not enter into armed conflict in syria. madam chair, along the syrian-turkish border there is a family, a mother, a father and six children, one of the children is named alias. alias one day in his hometown in syria was walking to school. he had his hand on the school room door. then all of a sudden he felt another hand come across his face and everything went dark as h
. the 400-mile long big sioux river is pushing record levels, already flooding parts of iowa, nebraska and south dakota. residents are filling sand bags and shoring up their homes against the encroaching water. the big sioux river is expected to crest tomorrow morning, a foot above the record that was set in 1969. >> ifill: in wisconsin, state prosecutors have accused republican governor scott walker of illegal fundraising. newly unsealed court documents show prosecutors allege he was part of coordinated fundraising with conservative groups in a nationwide criminal scheme. no charges have been filed against walker or any member of his staff. the investigation began in 2012 when walker faced a recall election, but a federal judge put it on hold in may. >> ifill: pro-russian separatists and ukrainian government forces were locked in intense fighting in eastern ukraine today. the rebels tried to organize their forces, but said they were outnumbered and outgunned. a top rebel commander begged russia for help. in london, nato chief anders fogh rasmussen said russia has resumed a military bu
to getting a barrier for the keystone excel and they're without a permit in nebraska. they'll be without a permit in south dakota so they're further behind than when they first started. >> should harry reid bring this to the floor for a vote in the senate? >> no. harry reid should not. he would be playing right into the koch brothers, axp and the republican hands on this. the pipeline's not in the national interest, and you know, they followed the policies and procedures under george w. bush with the state department and all federal agencies having weighed in. we should continue that process under the president, as well. >> oil prices are going up a little bit in the last few days because of the tensions in iraq. i would assume that the keystone conversation we're not far away from hearing how the pipeline has to be built to give us more energy security. are you prepared for that one? >> oh, yeah. representative lee terry is already out of the gate talking about how we need the the keystone excel pipeline because of the disruption in iraq and, i mean, it's a silly and uninformed argument
especially in the planes and nebraska. we saw those twin tornadoes earlier in the week. >> right. >>> but nothing like that for our area in fact lower humidity and cooler temperatures in the offing. look at the number right now. 75 degrees. a far cry from the mid 90s we were looking at yesterday at this same time. so drastic temperature change. almost 20 degrees colder right now in philadelphia. but also look, the sun, it's making a come back across our area. so if you are stepping outdoors, looking pretty good for the remainder of your thursday evening across our area. as we look at ultimate doppler, here the culprit. a front. it's moving to the south pushing the heat, the humidity out of here. we have leftover showers right now as we zoom in, you can see in particular down the shore but most of that activity it's moving out of here as well. so as we move into your evening, cloud cover decreases and the humidity, it's going to be going down as we move into the overnight. also, turning a little cool temperatures could drop into the 50s for the suburbs much as we roll the clock, l
damage with storms from iowa to nebraska into the kansas city area. we're going to watch that area for river flooding in the days ahead also. ♪ ♪fame, makes a man take things over♪ ♪fame, lets him loose, hard to swallow♪ ♪fame, puts you there where things are hollow♪ the evolution of luxury continues. the next generation 2015 escalade. ♪fame are the largest targets in the world, for every hacker, crook and nuisance in the world. but systems policed by hp's cyber security team are constantly monitored for threats. outside and in. that's why hp reports and helps neutralize more intrusions than anyone... in the world. if hp security solutions can help keep the world's largest organizations safe, they can keep yours safe, too. make it matter. ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪ [ birds squawking ] my mom makes airplane engines that can talk. [ birds squawking ] ♪ my mom makes hospitals you can hold in your hand. ♪ my mom can print amazing things right from her computer. [ whirring ] [ train whistle blows ] my mom makes tr
. >> the chair recognizes the gentleman from nebraska mr. terry of nebraska. >> i'm humor this is not a mandate. if i live in omaha and have to make it to lincoln a certain time and can only take 45 minutes to get there, that is a mandate. even if you let it up to my own imagination how i get there, it's still a mandate. it's interesting we can play word games, but it's still a mandate and it will have costs. we are a state that is 72% reliant on coal. we are a state where you take six to seven hours 75 miles per hour to get across. so some of this doesn't make a lot of sense, but i have reached out to our major public power entities. we are in public power states, nebraska public power as well as our national power association and some of our rurals. they are all working together. that's the good news. bad news is they are completely panicked. in how to actually do the plan and how to actually meet the 26% mandated reduction. because we are 72% reliant upon coal. in reaching out to them, they are frustrated and the lack of direction, what they see as conflicting information from the epa on how
of tornadoes side by side. this time in south dakota. very similar to what we saw in nebraska. >> we went to right get to that severe weather. abc's steve osunsami is on the scene in wessington springs, south dakota. good morning, steve. >> reporter: this is what's left of a car dealership. it's hard to tell which direction the tornado came because the whole place looks stepped on. i want you to take a good look right over there. there looks to be a trailer on top of other cars and all this rubble. it shouldn't be there. this whole town reeling from the tornado that hit here overnight. >> no, no, no, no. >> reporter: overnight the sky was falling again over families in the dakotas and in the midwest. 15 tornadoes reported in south dakota alone. >> listen to it. wow. you can hear the roar. >> oh, my god. we're so close. >> reporter: and look closely. another set of twin twisters like large whips from the heavens snapping through these small open towns bringing violent winds to families near crow lake. >> two on the ground at once. two on the ground at once. >> reporter: this was the tornad
in nebraska are still cleaning up this morning from that devastating double tornado on monday. four tornadoes touched down during that storm, destroying nearly 50 homes and killing two people including 5-year-old kaly dixon. dixon's parents had just moved from alabama in anybody to help her grandparents. her granddaughter was a soft spoken girl who dreamed of becoming a doctor. >> and i said why do you want to be a doctor? she says, so that i can help people. and my husk crippled, she was constantly running back and forth getting things for him and doing things. she even got to the point where she made us call her dr. cally. >> nebraska officials say the two deaths there are the first in ten years caused by a tornado. >>> a brief scare for passengers on a southwest airlines flight out of tampa on wednesday. the plane was forced to turn around shortly after takeoff. it made an emergency landing back in tampa bay. the reason, the plane hit several birds causing significant damage as you can see there to the left wing of the plane. the plane did land safely and passengers were then rebooked on o
. of course we started with the very memorable and historic twin tornados in pilger, nebraska. day two we went to coal ridge. it wasn't two but one big nasty looking storm. that barely hits the outskirts of one town. we shoulder you the pictures of wessington springs, south dakota which is not far away from that, too. the storm that spawned all of these hasn't moved at all. it's been remaining in the same location. let me take you to the weather map and show you where the storm is. it's been spinning over the montana border over idaho. that stormed combined with the high pressure and the humidity, all the collisions of the air masses have been in the same spot. when you get three days of this, not only do you get the severe weather and the bad weather, but you get torrential rains. now we have a horrible flooding situation setting up in this region. we have record flooding that's going to go to the missouri river and even omaha a moderate flood. last night it poured up here. all of that water is collecting and flash flood warnings in this region. watch toward the cedar river and the quad river
town in three days in areas of nebraska and south dakota. overall, this is the third day in a row of our major severe weather outbreak. we went three days in a row with over 300 storm reports. about 1,000 storm reports in the last three days. including over 100 tornado reports. a lot of wind damage reports along with the tornadoes. the severe weather threat will be around washington d.c. to virginia beach and also from minneapolis all the way back down. just outside of oklahoma city. a lot of the same areas that we've been watching. the main culprit in the midwest has been the spinning storm in the upper levels of the atmosphere. it's been taking its sweet time. it's still spinning over montana. another piece broke off and is headed through wyoming. that's going to cause additional strong storms during the day today. it's also brought up the snow up there in areas like glacier national park in the mountains of utah. it's still awful chilly behind that storm. there's not a lot of rain to had. that storm is exiting. dry thursday. in many cases temperatures will be right around where
. storms have been tearing through nebraska, iowa, and another day another round of storms hitting parts of the midwest. the four consecutive days tornadoes touched down. this will south-central south dakota. vehicles and was sentenced drinks have been lifted. as the turning on the field of debris around damage buildings. officials say some big here the terminal of them. >>: it was allowed for the winds that kept going we're hearing last that have crashed. we were hearing things that was just loud. it was so eerie to hear that. luckily no one was injured. but i'm thankful that my family made it through this. officials say 11 homes and three businesses and was sentenced brings were damaged meanwhile buckling up and address as far from over after the town of 350 people was it fire rear twin tornadoes all monday. about three-quarters of that town has now gone. the images into reporting. >>: up with turner on weather. erica following that. >>erica: the morning jams. holding out too cloudy conditions 3 the parts of the bay. pretty clear skies inland. temperatures are too bad. we're seeing a w
explain for a couple of years. the double tornado that we saw in nebraska, let's go ahead and show you the video from several days ago. turned out to be a deadly tornado. this was so spectacular because meteorologists photographed it and it's quite unique to see the two cells together. here are the dynamics of that. a super cell. that's a large rotating thunderstorm, spawns one tornado. enough energy in the atmosphere so there's another tornado spawned so there's two tornadoes spawned. in north dakota there was one tornado with multiple vortices. it's unusual when you see it because it is spectacular. the little vortices can produce damage in themselves but it's the primary maine tornado that produced the damage. we see the flare-up of thunderstorms across the midwest, great lakes and not to be outdone. washington, d.c., a slight risk for this afternoon so watch for the potential for there to be delays at the international airport there. here's a strong to severe storm, about 41 million people in the line for severe weather today. mostly in the form of severe thunderstorms with hail, h
the past few days we've seen tornadoes touching down in nebraska. then in saugd -- in south dakota we're looking at video yet again. a tornado touched down, did damage in several areas before lifting back up. the storms are expected yet again today across the dakotas, minnesota, parts of oklahoma. and there is a secondary area we're watching for the possibility of severe weather, that is the mid-atlantic states could be looking at large hail, damaging winds and isolating -- isolated damage. the temperatures still hot in the southeast and plains, into the 90's. steve, elisabeth, brian, yesterday we set records across the new york city area with airports reporting temperatures into the 90's. i think we got to the upper 80's in central park. let's head over to you. >> from central park to broadway to the big screen, "jersey boys" is hitting theaters tomorrow as a movie. >> just listen. >> one, two, three, four. ♪ sherri baby >> let's hit the eight track. >> what for? >> this movie much more than a toe-tapping do-wop because the man behind the camera is award winning director clint east
a -- nebraska and south dakota. in states like minnesota parts of iowa down to candace and oklahoma. there's a secondary area we could be seeing severe weather and that's across the mid atlantic states like maryland, parts of southern new jersey. you could see storms with large hail and damaging winds. there's a smaller risk for tornadoes. it could potentially produce a tornado on the ground and produce damage. we have a risk of flash flooding especially across the midwest. several inches of rain expected out here. take a look at the highs 97 in raleigh, atlanta, widespread across texas. in the northeast a cool down only in the 70s in new york city. >> happening today house republicans vote for a new majority leader majority whip kevin mccarthy appears likely to win over raul labrador to succeed eric cantor. if he does current include chief deputy whip of illinois, louisiana congressman steve scalise and marlin stutzman of indiana. >> happening today the marine that jumped on grenade to save his best friend's life receives the nation's highest honor corporal carpenter will receive an honor
the tornadoes, mostly out there in areas of south dakota, minnesota and a few there near nebraska. so, that line of storms did weaken, finally, overnight, brought a little light rain the last hour or two to new york city. that is now moving out. just light rain and much cooler conditions for you there in southern new england. most of the bad storms are over with in ohio. also just a soaking rain heading for the pittsburgh area. also right around marian and south of ft. wayne, indiana, a pretty good thunderstorm complex. but the real problems this morning are with flash flooding from minneapolis southwards down to rochester, into the quad cities. torrential rain continues at this hour. and then our friends are still dealing with more strong storms this morning through nebraska, so sioux city, sioux falls, more heavy rain today, and you have a real big flooding problem under way over the next couple of days. as far as today goes, 25 million people at risk of severe storms, including the washington, d.c.,/baltimore area. >> it is not over yet. >> not done. >> okay, thank you, bill. >>> the washingt
is still getting started in pilger, nebraska -- population 350 -- where twin tornadoes destroyed three-fourths of the town monday. islamist militants now control iraq's biggest oil refinery. extremists from the al-qaeda splinter group "i-sis" seized control overnight, despite resistance by iraqi army helicopter gunships. iraqi leaders insist the fighting over the refinery is still going on. it's the latest conquest of militants who want to carve a muslim state out of central and northern iraq. as iraq asks for american airstrikes against the islamists, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff told a senate committee, stopping the militants is in america's interest. >> is it too late? sitting down talking to members of congress and saying let's look at the options? >> its only lead if you suggest that we could have stopped it in some way. >> would they prefer the u.s. stay in iraq? we prefer that our soldiers stay there? in harm's way? >>president obama met with congressional leaders yesterday to get their input on what to do next. but he said, he alone will decide the extent of americ
with lightning, high winds and storms being reported along eastern sections of nebraska. moving toward the great lakes, chicago, you are not out of the clouds and storms just yet. weather system makes its way across the great lakes and the upper mississippi river valley. lots of unstable weather across the u.s. and heavy rain into the lower great lakes, as much as four inches possible. back to you guys. >> a tough map to look at today. a lot of people on the look out. kate bolduan joins us. >> we are following the latest events out of iraq. we have been talking about the fights against isis. now, the militants message may have struck here at home. what are we talking about? two men in texas have been arrested on terror related charges. one may have tried to join isis. how far is it spread sng. >>> also, the benghazi arrest. how they lured the master mind and new questions surrounding where he'll be tried. we'll look at all the implications of that coming up on "new day." >> can't wait for that. >> thanks, guys. >>> held captive by terrorists for years. bowe bergdahl is facing another battle. thi
nebraska, la enorme nube en forma de embudo tomaba fuerza dejÁndolo practicamente en tinieblas miren esto el poderoso tornado provocÓ seveross daÑos en al menos 6 granjas que por fortuna no causaron lesionados. se extiende sin control un incendio esto respuesforestal e de washington, mÁs de cien po bomberoes tratan cambiado tiro el fuego que ha arrasado con mÁs de 10 mil acres y arbustos se acerca amenazante a una decenas de viviendas, al parecer las chispas de un campo de tiro desataron el incendio ayer >>> bien muchos niÑos liberados de los centros de detenciÓn fronterizos, dicen que las condiciones allÍ son de pplorabs y algunos padress dicen que desde el encierro no aguantan pasar en una celda mal oliente y duro miento sobre el piso de concreto, marÍa paula ochoa entrÓ a uno de estos lugares en nog nogales y esto fue lo que encontrÓ. tras semana de solicitud, hoy entramos al centro de procesamiento de la patrulla fronteriza en nogales que mÁs bien par ceece una correccional menores donde muchos niÑos dur febrero en colchonetas en el suelo y sin almohada si cubren con un en
tornado hovering above farms in coleridge, nebraska held still for nearly 40 minutes. >> duck down! >> reporter: the average tornado moves fast, 35 miles per hour or more, but this one not at all. when it did move, just five miles per hour, destroying farms and killing livestock. >> it was like it just never went nowhere. >> reporter: at night here's what was hiding in the dark, another tornado that families weren't able to see until lightning struck and lit up the sky. in pilger, nebraska where those twin tornados killed two people, families cleaning up are hoping for calmer skies tonight. maryann has lived here since 1972. her home was badly damaged by one of the twisters. >> have faith in god. he'll lead you to the next step. >> reporter: their faith is being tested in south dakota. a farm was hit with nearly 125 miles per hour winds. parts of the dakotas are under a watch and the severe weather threat extends east to pennsylvania and maryland. david? >> steve osunsami tonight, thank you, unbelievable. they got hit again with twisters. >>> more severe weather on the way tonight
to the mediterranean. >>> more clean up today in nebraska where the two twin tornadoes swept through town killing two people earlier this week, including a 5-year-old girl. then last night another tornado causing damage to several farms. but thankfully no injuries. in the east, the first real heat wave of the season, temperatures in the 90s along the mid-atlantic, including philadelphia where they sent kids home early from school, then again there's the scene in northern montana, if you can believe it, where glacier national park has gotten up to 16 inches of snow since yesterday morning. leaving some folks snow bound here we are in the middle of june. >>> the pressure just increased ought the washington redskins to change their team name. starting with the fact that they may no longer have the exclusive use of their own name, in the lucrative business of nfl merchandise. the u.s. patent and trade mark office today cancelled its protection of the team's name. tonight from washington, nbc's kristin welker has more on what this all means. >> reporter: what's in a name? that's the question at the center
tornadoes are going to pop up a little bit later. and unfortunately here in northeast nebraska that is another area and we've seen tornadoes there over the last several days. the other big problem is going to be the amount of rain. we have seen a lot of rain just in the last couple of days and it is going to continue all the way through thursday so flooding a major problem there. that is a look at your weather, news is coming up after this. this. >> we saw one of the biggest upsets in the world cup today. defending champion spain is out of the tournament. >>> this spanish side being one of the most successful in the history of football, this is just a bridge too far. the end of the success, for many players it was perhaps a bit too old for some of the success in world european championships. they came up against a brilliant chilekyle hilliankylchilian tea. there was a security breach where around 100 chile fans who didn't have tickets, there were so many here who were trying to get in, finally overpowered them and that's something that fifa is taking very seriously. instead of
varios estados, por un tornado que hace todo un pueblo en nebraska. >> el arquero mexicano que ayer se luciÓ en la cancha. pasÓ de ser un desempleado a un hÉroe nacional. >> en cuestiÓn de segundos le compusieron un corrido. >> ellos son los tres tristes tigres, que dejaron su tristeza a un lado para inspirarse en este hombre guillermo ochoa. se inspiraron en el memo ochoa que en cuestiÓn de horas pasó a ser el hÉroe de los mexicanos y de los tigres. >> la intenciÓn principal era de hablar de todo el partido pero... >> nemo ochoa ha sido la mayor revelaciÓn. >> nemo ochoa? me fascino! >> se luciÓ gracias a Él no nos metieron una goliza. >> ahora todos esperan volverlo a ver frente a croacia. >> ahora nemo, tuvo una participaciÓn destacable, y creo que representa ahora ese rayito de esperanza. ♪ nemo ochoa hizo el partido del aÑo ♪ >> de muchas maneras los mexicanos se identifican con la actuaciÓn de nemo ochoa. >> gracias ivÁn. y si nemo ochoa, se comporta de igual modo frente a croacia, podrÍa darle la entrada a la segunda ronda. alejandro fue un dÍa de gra
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in nebraska on the heels of monday's twin tornadoes that killed two people and destroyed half of a small town. last night storm chasers caught three large tornadoes on camera. on monday side by side tornadoes literally wiped out a large part of a small town. people were cleaning up today. many are astounded by the damage but grateful to be alive. >> i know tornadoes are destructive. i had to clean up a few myself. >> the tornadoes ripped apart a bank with 9 people inside. all of them survived. the storm system hit several other states in the midwest yesterday with thunderstorms, hail, tornadoes and flooding from heavy rain. >>> there is a proposal to use explosives to slice off a piece of a cliff that is dangling in texas. last week a million dollars home at the top had to be set on fire in order a demolish it. officials hope money will cover the $150,000 price tag to dynamite the cliff. >>> today bay area inventors were at the white house which was hosting the first ever makers fair. president obama says the goal is to revive american manufacturing. >> more americans have the skills and oppo
tornadoes leveled the a city in nebraska. sprinterred trees are all that is left in some areas. in iowa almost five inches of rain caused the rock river to overflow. a number of roads are flooded out. the teenager from the san francisco bay area who survived a trip to hawai'i inside the wheel well of a plane spoke out about his journey. the 15-year-old stowed away on a five and a half hour flight. he told california kpix that he can't believe he survived. he said he did it because he didn't want to live with his stepmom and thought the plane was headed to africa where his birth mother lives. he said it was not scary, and he's doing okay physically. >>> she's only 11 years old but she's playing at pinehurst. lucy lee is the youngest qualifier in the history of u.s. women's open. she said she wants to get out there and have fun. >> she's a baby. >> isn't she a baby? she had a lot of fun answering questions at the press conference. >> i like golf because it's different from other sports. anybody can play it if you're tall, short, fast or slow. it's awesome. this is amazing. it's mind blowi
captured this one in nebraska again. about 150 miles north and west of omaha. officials say nobody hurt here thankfully. of course a day earlier a deadly series of tornadoes devastated a small town in northeastern nebraska killing two people including a 5-year-old girl. our meteorologist is live in the weather center. i was in omaha at the college world series, and the little girl had a relative who was working there at the college world series at the park. it was just such an incredibly sad thing to see. >> very strange. i lived in stan ton, nebraska, as a kid. we played pilger in little league when i was a kid. these small little towns are dotted all over the area every five or ten miles. little town of around 500 to 700 people. we're going to see the exact same thing happening again today and still again tomorrow. the dynamics are all the same. we have a front that's stalled out right here. and we continue to see these systems that will continue to pull across that area. part of this disturbance is bringing cold air. we saw a foot of snow falling across the mountains yesterday of uta
down in nebraska last night after one town was nearly wiped off the map when deadly twin tornadoes, the likes of which few of us have ever seen, tore through that area on monday. people in pilger trying to pick up the pieces of what is left for them. scenes of almost utter destruction as wood and metal are pulled from these structures. look at what is battered and on the ground in this community. boy, mike is there to get a look at it close-up live in pilger. what can you tell us this afternoon? >> reporter: i can tell you the ruins of pilger are teaming with activity today. volunteers have poured in from all over the state as we look around. businesses have sent staff like local menards, tyson foods sent out people to feed all of the volunteers. they have big grills going. you have the christian disaster relief, salvation army out here. we also have seen survivors sifting through the debris that used to be their homes salvaging what they can. and despite all of the harrowing tales of people surviving in their basement as the home was ripped out from above them, people surviving in
that have been slamming nebraska. this one hovered over the plains of the northeastern town of cole ridge yesterday. and luckily, no one was hurt. but this comes just a day after a rare pair of fatal tornadoes hit 45 miles north of the town of pilger, reaching a level of i think 4 out of a maximum of 5 and destroying most of the town and killing two people. we'll be right back. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. mmmhmmm...everybody knows that. well, did you know that old macdonald was a really bad speller? your word is...cow. cow. cow. c...o...w... ...e...i...e...i...o. [buzzer] dangnabbit. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. so i can reach ally bank 24/7 but there are24/7branches? i'm sorry- i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? you feel that in your muscles? yeah...i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches lets us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. experience a new way to bank where no branches = great rates. ally bank. your money needs an ally. >>> footbal
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with funeral expenses. strong storms moving across our area this midday elsewhere in nebraska was hit by tornadoes for the second day in a row. >> as many as three tornadoes ripped through the county. all of this just a day after a massive and violent twin tornadoes hit northeastern nebraska obliterating practically everything in their path. major flooding has left parts of iowa under water. heavy rainfall across parts of minnesota and south dakota caused substantial flooding rivers and lakes. damaging homes cars and businesses. >> a bad financial gamble by the city of chicago could cost taxpayers $200 million. another further drop could trigger those fees. a similar bad investment drove the truck into bankruptcy. the mayor says the city is trying to reduce its risk. >> following the example of the animal rights activists and less of durbin naperville they want to ban the sale of dogs from puppy mills. residents introduced the proposal that the city council meeting last night. >> city council members say they have been researching the issue and that they will take up the proposal at t
ripping through nebraska overnight. the latest twister striking only 30 miles from that small farming community of pilger that was devastated from fierce twin tornadoes on monday. it wiped out 75% of the town and killed two people, including 5-year-old calista dixon known as cali. she was with her mother. today there are strong to severe storms possible into the south and central and southern plains. she keeps you on your toes. you wouldn't have it any other way. but your erectile dysfunction - it could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset sto
®. >>> another tornado sighting in nebraska overnight. just one day after twin tornadoes devastated the town of pillger, these twisters were spotted over cherry county, nebraska, officials estimated the three tornadoes formed early this morning. the overnight storms caused severe flooding in parts of minnesota and south dakota. there are no reports of injuries. >>> iraqi security forces are battling militants that are trying to gain access to the world's large of the oil refinely. they say they have gained partial control of the city that is it home to this refinery and accounts for more than a quarter of the country a refining capacity. they claim that 40 attackers were killed in fighting near the refinery early this morning. right now there are several reports that exxon is evacuating all of its employees from iraq. 275 armed american forces are positioned in and around iraq to secure u.s. assets there. >>> the suspected mastermind behind the bombing of the american embassy in benghazi is on his way to the u.s. he was captured during a raid in libya over the weekend. president obama said h
twin tornadoes tore through nebraska at the same time leaving two people dead including a little five-year-old girl nearly wiping entire community off the map in the process. mike tobin' is live on the scene in breast a. reporter: what a difference a day makes. just over my shoulder you can see the power crews back on scene. putting on a power pole in the ground reestablish electricity to some of these towns that lost electricity during the storm. volunteers coming in from all over nebraska. local minard sent people, tysons food is cooking food. they are sifting through the debris salvaging the mementos of their life making good on this process to put the decimated town back on the map. >> we will get it done. they will build it back. these people are strong, they are very strong. >> doing it with a threat of severe w two tornadoes swarmed up about an hour north of here and today a thunderstorm with the threat of hail. back to you in new york. jon: thank you. jenna: now the growing crisis as hundreds of illegal immigrants cross into the country every day and people confronting this is
. >>> the another large tornado touching down in nebraska late yesterday. several farms were destroyed. no deaths or injuries have been reported. it was one of multiple slow-moving twisters that loomed over the northeastern part of the state a day after the rare twin tornados levelled the town of pilger. >>> a terrifying accident with a tractor trailer. a jeep cher key slams into into it flipping over the trailer. one person was injured. police investigate if the driver was impaired there. >>> prosecutors in physical are asking an appeals court -- aget john f connelly was initially convicted of second-degree murder for his role in the 1982 murder allegedly org straited by bulger. the conviction was tossed due to an issue with the statute of limitations. connelly's case is just one of many that all lead back to the boston mobster who l.a. fall was sentenced to two consecutive life terms on more than two dozen counts ranging from racketeering to murder. one of the most infamous crime bosses and fbi informant is the subject of new documentary. >> i'll kill you. i'll stab you and kill you. i'm like,
. >>> this morning, cleanup is under way in the small farming town of pilger in nebraska, where police say as much as 75% of that town was destroyed by twin tornadoes. nbc's john yang reports. >> reporter: today, more communities across northeast nebraska showing the scars of tornado activity overurse see, much less populated than pilger, the community that was wiped out by that twin tornado earlier in the week. >> my estimation is 75%, maybe even 80% total destruction of this village. >> reporter: today, we are also learning more details about the victims of that tornado outbreak. one of them was a 5-year-old girl named calista dixon. she was in her family's mobile home when the tornado hit. she was with her mother, candy murfree, who is now in critical condition with severe head trauma. candy's mother released a statement saying her little granddaughter wanted to be a doctor so she could help care for people. she adds, she hopes that god has a job for her now. in pilger today, heavy equipment moving in by the national guard and the nebraska emergency management, as they literally start the job o
nigeria, after being mostly contained in the northern areas of the country. next we head to nebraska, where residents return to piil ger after twin tornados tore through the town on monday. two died during the storm. three-quarters of the up to was destroyed, including the business district, fire station and 40 homes. a state of emergency has been declared and tom c working to make sure no one is trapped. we end in washington d.c. where a hidden portrait of an unidentified man is uncovered beneath "the blue room", an early master piece of pablo picasso, painted at the beginning of his blue period when he likely couldn't afford new canvases. investigators found it using infrared imaging. using x-ray mapping, they plan to ree create the original portrait in the original colours used by picasso. that is some of what is happening around the world. coming up, allegations of fraud from both sides in the afghanistan election. what does it mean for the u.s.? >>> president obama announces a big move to clone up the potion. make. >>> harmeli aregawi is tracking top stories on the web. what is
, an unprecedented weather event. they are calling it the twin sisters about what happened is is -- in nebraska. they were the ugly sisters but they were made less ugly because of the way the weather service could help alert the people in this community. that's what we fund here. we protect the american people by making sure we fight crime and terrorism, by funding federal law enforcement, by making sure that our medicines and medical device are safe, by funding the food and drug administration, and we meet compelling human needs, whether we're talking about affordable housing or affordable food. and while we're doing it, we're also reforming agencies. sure, they talk about appropriators are spenders, but we have a sense in this committee, both sides of the aisle, and i must say senator shelby has helped lead this, that we need to be a more frugal government, we need to get value for our dollar, showing that we need to be able to save money or use money that we're going to spend very wisely. it's been three years since we were able to bring in appropriation to the floor. i'm not going to go to
twisters tore through nebraska devastating the town of pilger. abc's steve osunsami is there. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, george. take a look at what's left of this farm house behind me. it is all brick and it is all gone hit by one of the tornados that came through here and overnight there were more violent storms racing through nebraska. >> gun it, gun it, gun it! >> reporter: overnight here we go again. at least three more tornadoes ripping through nebraska. >> go. >> reporter: one of them like a thief in the dark sky. you could only see it when the lightning flashed. >> look at the size of that thing. >> reporter: this destructive funnel nearly a mile wide touched down after dinner near coleridge just 45 miles from pilger, nebraska, where this morning families are just beginning to recover from monday's devastation after those twin twisters, an ef-2 and ef-4 nearly leffed the town. >> they had a 10 to 15-minute warning however we did not know the second tornadoes were here until they just popped up. >> reporter: two people were killed and nearly two dozen are recove
round of powerful tornadoes tears through nebraska. >> oh, my goodness. >> as we learn more about the young victim of that rare double twister that leveled an entire town. >>> daring raid inside the special forces mission to capture the alleged mastermind of the benghazi attacks. while in washington, the president ponders the next move in iraq and summons congressional leaders to the white house. >>> "today" exclusive. jim mcmahon, one of the toughest quarterbacks of all time, speaks out for the first time about his lawsuit against the nfl. did the league sacrifice the health of its players for profit? we'll talk to him live. >>> and on the mend, after severing her spinal cord in an accident, six-time gold medal winner amy van dyken-rouen speaks with us. >> i just want to thank you guys and everyone who watches the "today" show for all of your support, all of your prayers, your positive vibes. >> as she begins the next phase in her recovery today, wednesday, june 18th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in ro
.s. ship in the mediterranean. >> large tornado. >> another twister struck nebraska about 45 miles from pilger. >> a line of severe weather moved from the plains east overnight threatening another day of potentially damaging weather. >> isis continues its advance towards baghdad. >> militants now control about 75% of iraq's largest oil refinery. >> the iranian president saying he's ready to help the shiite shiite-controlled iraqi government. >> a mother is behind bars charged with poisoning her young son. >> she knew the grand jury was going on. she really didn't show any emotion. >>> a california mayor stepping down over a dog dropping scandal. he was caught tossing a small bag into a neighbor's yard. >> drivers on a kansas city highway captured this terrifying crash. one person was injured. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> 0-0! boy, has it been exciting. >> 100,000 ducks stam peegd at once. it's like running with the bulls but with ducks. >> and all that matters. >> i use flowery language. >> tv's dr. oz scolded by senators during a hearing on false and deceptiv
clouds were spotted just the day after to tornadoes devastated parks and nebraska in the opinion since reports. >>: residents of nebraska hit by another round of wiccan rather storm chasers happen to see what three of the possible tornadoes that hit nebraska. and dropping 10 + until on the ground below. another message to mr. chang through college the some of the win definitely devastating. it's just one day after twin tournedos boast both massive and violate barrel to the state. obliterating practically everything were heavy rainfalls caused substantial flooding our rivers and lakes homes cars and businesses which could get a masai's could but the water came became fast. when an to the notes and get a foot. fosa top security official say refinery. meantime.the c-i-a and other spy inspired militant group "isis". syria iraq in 20-11. hill in the bay area will cool things back off as we get a thing to talk about does the cloud covers just about nonexistent. there's a lot a warming temperatures around the bay right now let's take a quick look conquers above the 60 degree marmalade was wel
through the northeast part of nebraska. it hit near the town of coral ridge. it's about 30 miles from the twister that destroyed the town of pilger. the national weather service confirmed it's an ef-4 tornado. it's one notch under the strongest category of storms. 5-year-old calista was killed. her sister managed to escape with a few scrape. today 74 million people are under some sort of threat for severe weather. including everyone, as you can see there, everyone in the northern central plains and the ohio valley. >>> to the latest. joe biden will be meeting with the president in guatemala friday with hopes of stopping the surge of undocumented children who have entered this country illegally over the past few month. he'll be meeting with officials from honduras. against the backdrop of what is happening on the border, yesterday the white house honored ten champions of change. kids who are able to stay here because of the deferred action. all of them were brought into the united states as children without legal status. esther was one of the honor ree at the event yesterday at the whi
. they are incredible things with so much power. this was taken in nebraska. it's one of the storms that we saw a couple of days ago now. you can see the power of this. you can actually see through the tornado, but remember, there is nothing actually in the middle. it's just area. it's wind going around really quickly. the reason it gets obscured is the debris. this is newly formed and picking up debris. this was one in nebraska. the reason we have them at this time of year which as martin said is a little bit later than normal. it's due to the fact it was so cold over north america for such a long time. now we have the heat from the southwest. it really is very, very warm. washington, d.c. today, we are expecting to get to 36 degrees and that's 97 in fahrenheit but towards the west, over the rockies, you can see the darker colors here really, it's quite cold for this time of year and when you have the contrast of the cold air and the warm air, that's when you have the clash of temperatures and the very destructive weather. over the past few days, we have seen that storm system and it's been edging its
of tornado in northeast nebraska. that terrifying funnel cloud touched down in the city of hardington after the twin tornado ripped through the town of pilger leaving two people dead including a 5-year-old child. look at these horrific pictures. mike tobin with us on the story. how is it going for all those people today? >> reporter: you have got volunteers showing up. to pull a line from local papers, "this is when the grit kicks in." after everything that makes this thing a town a town was destroyed. main street, the coffee shop, the bang, the school. 86% of the homes. but the wholes are promising they will put the town back on the map. >> first we have to clean it up. and from there -- well, we'll get it done and build it back. these people are strong. >> reporter: pilger is so small, had that tornado joogd little bit north or south it would have missed the town as so many springtime tornado have done. the tornado ef4 made a direct hit. martha: a lot of raw emotions understandably. we understand there is a severe threat of more of this kind of weather. where is that headed? >> reporter:
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